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End of Year Analytics

Starting in late May of 2014 IRC-Source! has picked up quite a bit of traffic. Throughout 2015 it is my goal to improve the project by laying out a brand new frame work and continuing efforts toward development on the website.

Bug Fixes

Some bugs have been addressed in more recent development which may have been found as annoyances to some network owners, and I would like to address them here.
Crawler bot keeps re-indexing networks even though it’s capturing data This bug was fun, it was caused by a lack of change in the data since the last exchange, but unfortunately took our developers a bit to catch on. By updating the timestamp manually instead of relying on the server to do it automatically, we were able to patch this bug indefinitely.

If the network name contains a period I cannot visit it’s page
Our rewrite regexp doesn’t like dots for whatever reason, a work around has been put in place so that it will redirect to the page with underscores (_) in place of periods. This will be fixed by the time we enter into open beta.

Changes to Index Bot

Changes to our index bot now allow for us to provide accurate amounts of data for each network on each hour. Before we had checked if networks had been indexed in the last 60 minutes, but now our index bot checks if a network has been indexed this hour so that networks which have been indexed previously at 55 after for example won’t skip an hour on daily graphs.

Our index bot now indexes from the following host name regexp:

If you are planning on being indexed by IRC-Source please be sure that hour host name (crawler*.irc-source.com) can use the /list & /links commands without having to wait (our bot is usually on and off in less than a second for small to medium sized networks, and off in about 20 seconds on larger networks with more channels).