Total Rewrite

IRC-Source is getting a complete makeover and will be re-written from the ground up. With the new rewrite will come some awesome updates. Some of the updates will include new and improved forums, featured networks, and rank cards that you can embed on your website.
The rewrite will also mean a whole new design and an amazing new layout for network listings and information.
Authentication will plugin to the WordPress website, therefore this new rewrite will not require you to create a new account.

The rewrite should also reduce page load times to something a little more normal, as the site has become a little sluggish lately.

ETA of this new update is currently unknown.

— xnite


I am the founder, and lead developer, of IRC-Source. I started IRC-Source in May of 2014 because, although I don't use it as much any more, I still have a deep interest in IRC. I also carry a deep interest in web development, and wanted to write something that would be challenging, and allow me to bring my passions together in a way that would be interesting for others. I run a network called BuddyIM (, it's pretty cool, you should chill there.

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