How are networks scored? You decide!


I recently stumbled upon a website that says you should not trust any IRC statistics unless you know exactly how the metrics are weighted, and that the stats could be misleading or push personal agendas… While IRC-Source has always kept how networks are weighted private, it hasn’t been to push any sort of agenda. We kept the system private in attempt to avoid people abusing the system. We don’t want people to know simply because it would be too easy to abuse if they did.. At the same time I can’t help but to feel like I developed the system more in the vision of what I see as an ideal network rather than what others may feel is an ideal network, in that regard I can’t help but to feel I have failed you all.

I want to make it up to everyone by running a short survey (2 questions + optional feedback) to find out how you guys would like to see networks scored and listed on IRC-Source. By getting your feed back I will be able to develop a system that creates a more ideal view of how networks should be ranked based on your opinion of what makes a good network, rather than just my own.

If you care about how networks are scored and listed, which you should, then please click here to take the survey.

Thank you,
        Robert Whitney, founder IRC-Source


I am the founder, and lead developer, of IRC-Source. I started IRC-Source in May of 2014 because, although I don't use it as much any more, I still have a deep interest in IRC. I also carry a deep interest in web development, and wanted to write something that would be challenging, and allow me to bring my passions together in a way that would be interesting for others. I run a network called BuddyIM (, it's pretty cool, you should chill there.

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