Development Roadmap – Q1:2015


This road map covers current short-term & long-term goals for the development of IRC-Source! This document may be expanded upon as we continue development on IRC-Source, so I’m going to try and keep it plain and simple, and cover what I’m working on right now, what has been done since the last “stable” update, and where I hope to head things in the upcoming months.

All new back-end framework

In case you haven’t poked around & already noticed, the entire website is now powered by WordPress, and I have ported over code from the current IRC-Source! code base as WordPress plugins.
I finally made this decision for a few different reasons, the primary being that I wanted a solid, well backed, framework for handling my sites pages and posts without re-inventing the wheel so many times I could make my own big-rig. Switching to WordPress, which I have already been using for my other sites 5+ years, allows me to focus more on the code that actually makes IRC-Source what it is and less on things like user authentication, paging, and a theme engine.
Being a single developer can be very stressful, so by dumping the extra work load I have finally been given the motivation and encouragement that I needed to get this project back on it’s feet.

Good News / Bad News

The migration from the Stand-alone project to a WordPress based project means there are obviously going to be some drawbacks, and of course quite a few benefits.
The greatest benefits are: not having to rewrite an entire code base to emulate most of the stuff that WordPress already does for us, and this means that development will be much faster going forward.
The drawback is that, for now, most of the sites features have not been re-implemented into the current code base. To make up for this, I have implemented the, long awaited for, network submissions page, and you will now be able to add (but unfortunately not manage yet) your IRC network to our listings. This process, of course, is in it’s testing phase and if you have any trouble adding your network please contact me via our web chat.

Short Term Goals

These are goals that are planned to be wrapped up by the end of Q1:2015 (Q1=January 01-March 31): (Items that are crossed out have been completed)

  1. Restore all the features of previous versions of the web site including, but not limited to:
    1. Network Listings
    2. Channel listings
    3. Featured networks
    4. Server lists
    5. Networks & Channel Search
  2. User Control Panel
    1. Manage profile & account information
    2. Manage networks
  3. Network Administration Panel
    1. Edit / Update network information
    2. Manage users who have access to administrate networks
    3. Grant users the ability to “claim” networks securely by a process which connects to the network and verifies IRCOp access.
  4. Improved Listings
    1. Categorize & Tag Networks
    2. Categorize & Tag Channels
    3. Browse or Search by categories & tags
    4. Identify which listings are SFW and which ones are NSFW

Long Term Goals

These are the current long term goals that are planned for completion, hopefully, by the end of 2015.

  1.  Public API
    1. View Network Information
    2. View Channel Information
    3. View Public user profile information
  2. Improved crawl bots
    1. Speed up index parsing process
    2. Speed up total indexing process (currently 15 minutes to index all 111 listed networks).
    3. Identify Janus linked networks where possible & automatically add Janus flag to network record

Feel free to offer feed back, or feature requests below in the comments & happy channel surfing.


I am the founder, and lead developer, of IRC-Source. I started IRC-Source in May of 2014 because, although I don't use it as much any more, I still have a deep interest in IRC. I also carry a deep interest in web development, and wanted to write something that would be challenging, and allow me to bring my passions together in a way that would be interesting for others. I run a network called BuddyIM (, it's pretty cool, you should chill there.

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