Complaints from our Ad Provider

A complaint was received 3 days ago from our ad provider, Google Adsense. Fortunately we caught the issue on the last day we had to fix it, and were able to get it fixed in the short amount of time that we had. We have taken measures to block channels and networks that are in violation from these policies until we can work out better funding and remove advertisements all together.
We’re not a fan of all of the new policies put in place, but unfortunately to stay afloat we must comply with all guidelines outlined by our provider.

To be fully transparent here is the full complaint from Google:

Action is required to bring your AdSense account into compliance with our AdSense program policies. Please make changes to the above site within three working days. We may spot-check the site again after this time. Once you’ve made the changes, hit the “Mark resolved” button below and complete the short form. Please be aware that if you do not make changes to bring your site into compliance, ad serving may be disabled to the website listed above. Learn more

Example URL:

Google ads may not be displayed on adult or mature content. This includes displaying ads on pages that provide links for or drive traffic to adult or mature sites.
For more information about keeping your content family-safe, you can: review our program guidelines. watch our animated video. watch the recording of previous adult content hangout. review these tips from the policy team.


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